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Discografia Ligabue Da 13 lineode




L'influsso della musica sulla vita di Luciano Ligabue, n, Sailing in the wide blue sea n, "Dischi di dolore", 1997, n, Su e giù da un palco. L'influsso della musica sulla vita di Luciano Ligabue, n, Soldato della guerra dei cieli n, "Verde cielo", 1999, n, Cinque storie di primavera, n, Zippi di scena. Storie di un 'golpista' n, "Convincenti", 1999, n, L'albergo degli umani n, "E-alpha", 1999, n, Nuova musica n, "Nuova musica", 2000, n, Personal life He is married to Maria Luisa and has two children. In early 2010 he suffered a stroke that caused a coma of six days in which he was in a coma for ten days before waking up. See also List of Eurovision Song Contest presenters References Category:Living people Category:1953 births Category:Italian male singers Category:Italian pop singers Category:Italian rock singers Category:Italian songwriters Category:Italian singer-songwriters Category:Rock songwriters Category:Italian rock guitarists Category:Male guitarists Category:Italian heavy metal guitarists Category:Italian heavy metal singers Category:English-language singers from Italy Category:Italian people of British descent Category:People of Asturian descent Category:Spanish-language singers of Italy Category:Singers from RomeQ: What's the difference between a tesla coil and an inductor? I have always thought of a coil of wire as a transformer. It turns out that an inductor is a much better transformer. So, what is the difference between an inductor and a tesla coil? A: The most basic definition of an inductor is a conductor (or a "loop") that can be used to induce a voltage in an attached circuit. If you attach a complete circuit, then you have an inductor in that circuit. If you want to turn on only one side of the loop, you can get that with a capacitor, which would be analogous




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Discografia Ligabue Da 13 lineode

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